When manufacturing PVC joinery, we use the renowned German GEALAN profile S 8000 IQ with 6 isolation chambers. This profile has proven to provide an ideal combination of heat and stability. We also use German brand FUHR for gloves.

We are able to deliver carpentry in a large number of acrylic paints as well as carpentry with various wood stocks, also in several colors.

See GEALAN leaflets.


Aluminum joinery or ALU joinery is highly resistant to external atmospheric influences, has a longer shelf life than PVC joinery. Aluminum joinery provides very good sound and thermal insulation and due to its smooth surface, it is easy to maintain.

Attractive looks and less mass of PVC joinery, aluminum joinery is present on business premises.

During the production of aluminum joinery, we use the profiles of the renowned Greek company Etem and Stubline frames.